through WAVEROX's technological approach to meditation practices


Everyone is unique. Some run marathon, others excel in sprints. We all recharge in different ways. With WAVEROX technology, you can discover your own path to managing productivity day by day

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Headphones read brain signals
Headphones notify you when you need to take a break or, on the contrary, inform you about increased productivity
The mobile app tracks your activity and records the chronology of events

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What is the benefit?


We help you find a moment of inspiration and a period to relax during the working day. Supporting the creative process and idea generation.

  • Graphic Designers & Fashion Designers
  • Art Directors & Curators
  • Photographers & Video Editors
  • Artists & Illustrators
  • Actors & Directors
  • Dancers & Choreographers
  • Writers, Scriptwriters & Authors
  • Musicians & Composers


Reducing mental fatigue from long hours of programming. Improving concentration during data analysis. Reducing stress from tight development deadlines.

  • Software Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • AI Researchers
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Game Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Support Specialists
  • System Administrators
  • Blockchain Developers


Managing stress from solving operational issues and challenges. Enhancing focus on planning and task execution.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • C-level executives
  • Sales Managers
  • Product/Project Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Marketing Managers


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How it works

Choose the Right Device

Headphones: These are a complete standalone device for optimal performance.

Headband: This allows you to use the technology with your own headphones.

Put on the Device

Ensure the device fits comfortably on your head and is properly adjusted to read brain signals.

Sync with the Mobile App

Open the mobile app and connect the device via Bluetooth. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the synchronization.

Start Using

Once successfully synced, the device will begin reading the electrical signals from your brain. Neurons are constantly generating electrical signals – brain activity waves. The device recieves waves signals, which are interpreted by the software into understandable data.

Displaying Metrics

The app shows you your current levels of concentration and stress, and it indicates what type of activity is most preferable for you at the moment. Based on the data, the app provides personalized advice on how to improve your productivity and manage stress. Regularly use the device and app to monitor your condition and analyze your progress.

Achieving Goals

Follow the recommendations and use the data to enhance your work processes, concentration, and overall well-being.

Enjoy increased productivity and reduced stress with our advanced Waverox device and app.

How it works

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How it works

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Skeptical at first, convinced in a month

At first, I was kinda skeptical about getting a mind tracker ’cause all the stuff on the landing page seemed too good to be true. But they had that money-back guarantee, so I figured, why not give it a shot? Man, am I glad I did. But after just one month of use, I could tell it was worth every single cent. This gadget actually tracks my brain activity – it shows when I’m tackling tough tasks, my focus level, or how chill I am at any given moment. It’s wild to see scientific proof of what you always kinda knew about yourself. Plus, I love the feature that tells me when my brain is wiped out and needs a break. I used to just power through when I lost concentration, but now I know to take a quick 6-minute breather. It makes a world of difference – I come back more focused and way more productive.

Jonh A

Jonh A

The bad thing about the headband Is…

The bad thing about the headband I bought is that you should work to see any results. The good news? If you stick with it it’ll really help cut down on stress. I work in advertising and let me tell you, it’s a madhouse. Every evening, I was frustrated, and my mind was racing, making it tough to get any sleep. My friend told me to try Waverox training and I have to say, I was impressed. At first, it was a challenge to even finish a short session with a high score. But after a few days, I figured out how to chill out my brain and clear out the anxious thoughts. So, I decided to get the device for myself. I went through their 25-training course and now I can knock out way faster at night since I know how to shut my brain off from work stuff. Sure, it might look a little geeky or freaky, but it’s perfect for home use.

Jhonny B

Jhonny B

Great device! Exceeded expectations

Great device! I was quite sceptical at first, but after eight weeks of daily use and learning about Neurofeedback, I must admit it works for me! Now, it’s hard to imagine life without those 9 minutes in the morning that make me focused and productive every day. Well done, Waverox!

Jhonny B

Jhonny B

Improved sleep and overall health

My wife bought this device because she was having trouble concentrating at work. She told me that working from home led to her spending way too much time on social media, making it hard to start new tasks. According to her, this device helped her get a better handle on her focus and set aside specific times to rest. This improvement really boosted her productivity. I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to see what it was all about.
I’ve been meditating for the last six years, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their app includes some really cool meditation experiences with real-time feedback. I can meditate, hear in real-time if I’m in the right state, and check my progress afterward. It’s very engaging. They also offer a special desktop app where you can track raw data about your brain, like EEG.
Oh, and by the way, I have a pretty big head, so I contacted them on WhatsApp. They sent me additional larger rubbers to make the band fit better. Gotta say, I’m impressed with their customer service.

Jhonny B

Jhonny B

The future is here

Waverox technologies provide you with a tangible competitive advantage in situations where keeping your emotions in check and staying focused are crucial for success.


Get Well. Stay Well. Together.

We envision a world where everyone with a mental health
disorder can get well and stay well, regardless of who you are, where you live,
or how much money you make

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